We are delighted to report that LAS International just turned 20 in the market, and continues to position itself more strongly every day among the world’s best international shipping and logistics firms.


LAS International was founded in 2001, with an aim to provide logistics assistance and consulting services to businesses looking to import and export goods internationally. The organization focuses on delivering high-quality service, with fast and effective solutions for our clients.


During our 20 years in the market, we have widened our services to facilitate shipments by air sea, and land; creating alliances with top-drawer partners and suppliers. We have also opened a warehouse in Miami for those businesses that require space to receive and ship cargo from around the world.


Taking advantage of our 20th birthday, we are renewing ourselves. The business has entered the digital world and begun the internationalization of LAS with a new branch in Colombia, aimed at providing consulting services to Colombian firms seeking import/export solutions; as well as international firms with their own facilities in Colombia looking to ship their goods worldwide.


We want you to be part of our celebration and take part in the surprises we have in store for your business! Follow us on Instagram at our accounts in the US: @lasinternationalcorp and Colombia: @lasinternational.co. We are also on Facebook US & Facebook Colombia

If you would like more information about our services, please contact us here.

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