Finding a good supplier in China is one of the most complicated processes that businesses face when getting started in imports or exports. That’s why we’d like to share 3 important bits of advice that have proven very useful for our clients when choosing Chinese suppliers. 


  1. Get quotes from more than one supplier.

One of the most important recommendations when looking for Chinese suppliers is to consider various options. We recommend comparing quotes from 6 – 10 potential vendors.

A major mistake that many businesses or entrepreneurs make is to stick to the first supplier that they find, quite possibly leading to a bad experience when importing.

Unfortunately, not all suppliers are trustworthy, therefore it is very important to analyze the strengths and guarantees that each potential vendor offers your firm before selecting a finalist.


  1. Find vendors who offer “Free on Board”.

The concept of “Free on Board” (or FOB, for short) is an Incoterm which is used exclusively with reference to ocean freight. It specifies that:

  • The seller delivers to the goods to the point of shipment and assumes any costs for customs paperwork and export licenses.
  • The buyer carries out the importation paperwork, secures transportation from the point of shipment, and assumes any additional costs for delivery of the goods (for example, unloading, freight, dispatch costs, etc.)

Knowing how to use the FOB Incoterm can be very useful in controlling freight and other shipping costs for your business.


  1. Be alert for suspicious details.

It is worth repeating that the vast majority of bad experiences encountered when importing from China occur due to some untrustworthy suppliers. In fact, many are outright frauds.

You’ll need to be alert to every detail in the purchasing process to detect clues about the quality of the goods you are purchasing for importation.

Nevertheless, it is only realistic to keep in mind that when one is buying multiple units from any supplier, some are likely to arrive with defects.


If you are planning to import goods for your business, get in touch with our team of experts. We can help throughout the entire logistics process to move your products around the world.


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