If you’re starting up a business and want to import goods into Colombia, there are a series of factors that must be taken into account – factors which go beyond your basic logistical processes.


Today, we’d like to share a series of factors which you’ll need to keep in mind when importing to Colombia, according to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism.


1.Determine the customs subheading relevant to your operations. 

You can do this either through Customs directly, or using the informal assistance provided by the Information Center.


2.Register as an importer

To import into Colombia, you must be set up under the Common Regime; which means being registered in the Chamber of Commerce and having a Tax Registration (known by the acronym “RUT” in Colombia. This tax number serves as a unified mechanism to identify, locate, and classify those persons and firms with obligations pursuant to the National Tax and Customs Office (“DIAN” in Colombia)


3.Carry out a market study

Undertake a thorough analysis of your market of interest and of the economic viability of importing, including such factors as: the international market price of the product, international transportation costs, customs or importation costs, and any other relevant costs.


4.Identify the product

  • ​Review the customs subheading of the product to learn about its importation fees and any other requirements necessary to import it.
  • Consult with Customs to verify if the product to be imported is subject to approval or prior registration by government entities. If the product does not require any such approval, then no import registration authorization will be required.


5.File your application with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism

Only required if the goods in question require import approval.


If your firm needs help with the paperwork required to import goods into Colombia, contact us here!


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