Since July 1st, airlines and shipping companies have imposed a new policy on international cargo cancellations.


This is happening due to the recent changes in the logistics industry, mostly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020, in which international transport companies made decisions in order to avoid further loss of money.


In this sense, a new policy that is trying to balance the high costs involved in cancellations has emerged, due to the fact that companies allege that when a load is canceled before the cut-off time, the cargo storage is lost, thus generating a great financial impact for carriers.


From now on, cancellations within 48 hours for perishable cargo, and 24 hours for all types of cargo, will generate an alert to the sender in the first instance. If a second cancellation occurs during a calendar month, a fee of 20% of the total value of the load will be imposed to the business that owns the cargo.


This new policy applies to “no-show shipments” whose weight exceeds 1000 kilograms.


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