Latin American companies are racing against time to keep the container crisis from affecting the supply chain, all the while facing the threat of inflation and the fears arising from the Omicron variant.

The virus hit supply chains hard in 2021. Key ports such as Shenzhen ground to a halt, paralyzing industry, while simultaneous increases in demand for goods created bottlenecks that today threaten the purchases in 2022.

Still, some experts suggest that the situation could represent an opportunity for Latin America, since it could force a shift in previously China-based supply chains.

Companies are currently exploring new opportunities for importing and exporting between US ports and Latin American countries, taking advantage of an unexpected opportunity to change the rules of the game completely and make Hispanic suppliers more competitive in the face of the worldwide logistics crisis.

These experts invite us to view the current situation from a new point of view; that we are not necessarily facing a supply chain disaster, but rather an opportunity for entrepreneurs to discover new providers and options to supply their businesses.

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