Almost every company and organization appoints people to lead teams. But this does not necessarily make them true leaders. That’s why, today, we’d like to share 3 key abilities that every leader should have.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy’s definition, a leader is “that person who directs or guides a group that in, turn, recognizes his or her authority”. In other words, it is a person able to incentivize, motivate, and influence the behavior or thinking of their coworkers in the service of a common goal.

This said, a good leader needs a number of abilities in order to be able to inspire their team and not merely give orders. A few of these key skills are as follows.


1. Focus

Being focussed allows us to move towards our group objectives. That’s why focus is one of the most important skills a leader can have. Only through focus can teams achieve the goals of their firms.

A leader’s ability to transmit their focus to their team members helps each one to keep their sights on the planned objectives.


2. Empathy

Good leadership is about more than a simple achievement of team goals. It’s also about being empathic to the individual needs of each team member, and in how they can best be aligned with the objectives of the company.

Listening to the opinions of each team member and valuing the importance of their personal circumstances can have a positive impact on, and even inspire, every member of the group.


3. Persuasion

As mentioned above, effective leadership is not found in simply giving orders, but rather in being able to persuade team members and motivate them to achieve their goals.

The biggest difference between being simply a “boss” versus a real leader is all about persuasion. A leader is able to express their ideas in such a way that people in their teams become seized with the same conviction.


What other qualities do you think are important for a leader? We’d love to have you comment us with your thoughts!


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